This Pressure Switch Installation Addendum is an update to the installation manual included in this box. The pressure switch must be connected to both the supply and return ducts. Please use the instructions in this addendum for the pressure switch installation in place of those in the printed installation instructions.

Installing the Pressure Switch

Do not install the switch in an area where the temperature exceeds rating of  -40°F to190°F (-40°C to 88°C).

  1. Disconnect power from the humidifier before installing.
  2. Mount the switch vertically with pressure connectors facing down, using provided self-tapping screws to secure the switch to the duct.
  3.  Cut 3/4-in. diameter holes in the supply and return ducts within 10 feet of the switch to ensure the provided tubing reaches the pressure tap elbows. See Fig. 1.
    Honeywell C437F1052 Auto Recycle Gas -Fig. 1. Mounting the pressure switch.
  4. Insert the black rubber gaskets into the duct holes.
  5.  Connect the tubing to the tubing fitting elbows and insert the tubing fitting elbows into the black rubber gaskets in each duct.
  6.  Connect the other end of the tubing to the applicable pressure connection on the switch.
    a. Connect supply duct tubing to the + connection.
    b. Connect return duct tubing to the – connection
  7. You may cut the tubing to fit the connection length between the elbow fitting and switch. It is also recommended to secure the hose to existing structures to avoid accidental disconnection.
Honeywell C437F1052 Auto Recycle Gas - Install tubing
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