Battery replacement instructions for your Bell Smart Home equipment.

Enclosed you will find the replacement battery for your Honeywell Lyric Panel and step-by-step instructions on how to replace it.

Battery Disposal

We encourage you to dispose of your old battery in an environmentally friendly way. For more information about the designated battery types and recycling depot locations, please visit

Safety Warning

Before starting, ensure there are no abnormalities with the new battery, such as a swollen or split case, liquid leaking from the case, corroded terminals or a high temperature. If you notice any battery abnormalities, do not use the battery. Contact Bell Smart Home to schedule a service call. Contact numbers can be found below.

Before changing the battery, your alarm system must be temporarily taken OFFLINE. This will stop an alarm signal from being sent to the monitoring centre and an operator acting on the alarm. Call 1 866 949-0078 and choose Option #1. You will need to provide your password for verification.

Before replacing your battery, select “Security” from the home screen of your keypad. Then from the Tools menu go to “Advanced” and select “Install Backup Battery”. The system will ask if you want to proceed. Press “Yes” and the battery installation procedure will appear on screen. You can follow the onscreen instructions or the steps outlined below.


  1. Open the panel. Unscrew the small screw on the bottom of your panel using a Phillips (or star) screwdriver. Then, lift the entire unit up and turn it over.
  2. Disconnect the battery. Unscrew the plastic battery cover. Then gently pull on the battery wires to disconnect the old battery and remove it.
  3. Replace the battery. Plug in the wires and insert the new battery. Then, replace the battery cover by inserting it in the clip at the bottom first, then screwing the top back in place.
  4. Replace the front cover. Align the top, and then snap the bottom in place. Replace the screw on the bottom of the panel to secure it back in place.
  5. Contact Technical Support. You will need to confirm that the battery replacement was successful and the device is in proper working order. Contact numbers can be found below.

Contact us

For any additional questions about your Bell Smart Home equipment, visit
For Technical Support, please call one of the following numbers:
Ontario and Québec: 1 877 267-2004. Manitoba: 1 866 949-0078. New Brunswick, Nova Scotia,
Newfoundland and Labrador and PEI: 1 844 474-2023

Documents / Resources

Honeywell Bell Smart Home equipment battery replacement [pdf] Instructions
Honeywell, Bell, Smart Home, equipment, battery, replacement
Honeywell Bell Smart Home equipment battery replacement [pdf] Instructions
Bell, Smart Home, equipment, battery, replacement


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