Fill in the details of the equipment connected to the zoning module

  1. Low voltage thermostats
  2. Low voltage zone valves with end switches
  3. Once the DIP switches have been set, complete the “Installer settings” diagram by filling in the circles to indicate the DIP switch position

File this with other installation records for equipment used on this installation.

A. Zoning Thermostats

Terminal #5-67-89-1011-12
Terminal IDTH1TH2TH3TH4
FunctionZone call for heat
Model #
Date Code
Honeywell AQ15540B Expansion Zoning Panel

B. Zone Valves

Terminal IDZone 1Zone 2Zone 3Zone 4
FunctionZone control
Model #
Date Code
Power draw VA

NOTE: Wiring Zone Valves with End Switches
a. Transformer’s VA
If low voltage zone valves with end switches are used for zone control, make sure the selected zone valves do not draw more power (“VA”) than the  38 VA capacity of the AQ10X38 transformer supplied with the AQ2000 Series Control Panel. This integral transformer has enough power to operate 4 motorized zone valves (such as Resideo V8043E valves or 4 valves using low-amperage draw “heat motor” actuators such as Resideo  MV100 actuators), plus power the electronics of the AQ2000 Series Control Module and up to 16, AQ1000 thermostats. If zone valves with high amperage draw “heat motor” actuators are used, such as Taco 500 series zone valves, an additional 24 Vac transformer of sufficient VA capacity will need to be wired to the Zoning Module to power the valves. Refer to the Installation Instructions for AQ255/AQ257 Expansion Zoning Panels (Form No. 69-1981) for recommended wiring of additional low voltage VA capacity to AQ2000 Series Zoning Modules.

The ES1 and ES2 terminals of the AQ1574V4
Zoning Module are powered terminals and must ONLY be connected to a set of dry contacts. If power is applied to these contacts (for example, by running line voltage through the zone valves’ end switches to bring on a circulator feeding those valves), the internal circuitry of the Zoning Module will be damaged, in which case the warranty for this product will be voided.

Honeywell AQ15540B Expansion Zoning Panel -FIG

Fill in the circle to indicate the position of a DIP switch.

C. Zoning Module DIP Switch Settings

DIP NumberDescription
Zone Address
(Slide the DIP switch to the right position to indicate which group of zones this is; should be set to “1-4” for the first 4 space heating zones in the system [usually included  with an AQ2000 Series
Control Panel], then “5-8” for the next group of 4 zones andso on. For each group of 4 zones, there can be only one
DIP switch in the right hand position.)
5• If set to SYNC, zone synchronization is enabled.
• If set to NOT, zone synchronization is disabled.
6• If zone valves are normally closed (N.C.), set the NC/NO DIP switch to the OFF position.
• If zone valves are normally open (N.O.), set the NC/NO DIP switch to the ON position.
7• If set to Group (ON position) the zone outputs are energized with the AUX pump*.
• If set to – (OFF position), the AUX Pump contacts are not affected by activity on these zones.
8• If set to 2-Stg (ON position), then the 2-stage operation is activated on thermostat inputs. The zoning module operates as two 2-stage zones or 3 zones (one 2-stage and two 1-stage).
• If set to 1-Stg (OFF position), then operates as four 1-stage zones.

* If used with AQ250 RelayPlus Control Panel, the AQ15000B Boiler Control Module DIP switch #5 must be set to “GROUP” position and DIP switch #6 must be set to “MAIN” position If used with an AQ251, AQ25A or AQ252 Boiler Reset Control Panel, the EQUIPMENT SETUP > AUXILIARY I/O > AUX PUMP menu option on the AQ251 Control Panel’s LCD must be set to “GROUP”

Honeywell AQ15540B Expansion Zoning Panel -ICOBN

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