Honeywell 32003796-001 Cover Plate

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The 32003796-001Cover Plate is used to cover marks left on the wall by the old thermostat. It can be used with the VisionPRO™ TH8000 Series Thermostats.


When Installing this Product…

  1. Read these instructions carefully.
  2. Installer must be a trained, experienced service technician.

Electrical Hazard.
Can cause electrical shock or equipment damage.
Disconnect power supply before starting installation.


The Cover Plate can be mounted on the wall when mounting with a TH8000 Series Thermostat. See Fig. 1 for dimensions.

Honeywell 32003796-001 Cover Plate fig1

Fig. 1. 32003796-001 Cover Plate dimensions.

  1. Use Cover Plate to mark and drill holes; install anchors, if necessary.
  2. Pull wire through Cover Plate and thermostat wallplate wiring opening.
  3. Align Cover Plate and thermostat wallplate with the holes. Insert the screws included with the thermostat; then level and tighten the screws. See Fig. 2.
Honeywell 32003796-001 Cover Plate fig2

Fig. 2. Attaching TH8000 Series Thermostat, Subbase and 32003796 Cover Plate to the wall.

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