Natural water sounds
Soothing sounds create a relaxing ambience.
Unique lighting
Warm glow enhances any environment.
Convenient tabletop size
8″ x 8″ x 7″ for an easy fit on most surfaces.
Adapter voltage
120 VAC, 60Hz


part and pieces
A – Fountain top
B – Fountain bottom
C – Pump
D – Adapter
E – Rocks

www.homedics.com US: 1-800-466-3342 CAN: 1-888-225-7378


1. Familiarize yourself with the pump. The switch located at
the front of the pump controls the pump speed. The speed
is indicated by a plus (+) and minus (-) sign. To increase the
speed, move the switch slowly to the left in the direction
of the plus sign. At its highest speed level, the switch will
cease to move any farther. To decrease the pump speed
for less water flow, move the switch to the right toward
the minus sign. Similarly, at its lowest speed, the switch will
cease to move any farther.
2. Connect the male and female parts of the LED light
connector and twist cap tightly.
3. Insert the tube into the pump.
4. Fill base with water up to the fill line. Keep the water filled to
the suggested level at all times for optimum performance.
5. Set the fountain top onto the base.
6. Rinse the rocks with water. Arrange the rocks on
the platform.
7. Attach the AC adapter jack to the base power cord.
DO NOT plug into an outlet at this time.
8. Set the fountain on a level, waterproof surface.
9. Plug the cord into a 120V household outlet. The switch
located on the power cord controls the fountain. If the
pump doesn’t operate, click the power button once to
turn the fountain on and once more to turn off.
NOTE: Ensure that the electrical cord loops below the
electrical outlet to form a “drip loop.” This will prevent water
from running down the cord into the electrical outlet.
10. For the best results, operate with the pump completely
submerged. Keep the water level at the fill line at all times.


1. To clean the pump: Unplug from electrical outlet. Use a
small brush or stream of water to remove any debris.
2. To keep water clean: Periodically change the water and
clean the product according to the water condition. Over
time, fountain water and the fountain itself become dirty.
We suggest cleaning and exchanging water weekly to
increase the longevity of the fountain.
3. To clean off hard water deposits on the base: Soak the
base in a mixture of vinegar and water to clean and
remove any mineral buildup.
4. Keep water at an optimum level: Add water periodically
to keep it at an optimum level to avoid shortening the life
of the pump. Never let the pump run dry.
5. Fountain storage: Unplug the fountain from the electrical
outlet, empty the water, dry the fountain, and store rocks
and fountain in a cool, dry place.

pump control
fountain power outlet


• Always place fountain on a firm, flat surface. Due to
the imperfect edges that are inherent to our natural
stone fountains, water may splash outside the base
of the unit. Therefore, we strongly recommend that
you place your fountain and fountain parts on a
waterproof surface or that you cover the surface
with a waterproof barrier.
• DO NOT place on any surface that can be damaged
by water.
• DO NOT reach for a unit that has fallen into water.
Unplug it immediately.
• DO NOT place or drop into water or other liquids.
• DO NOT use water above 86°F.
• Use this unit only for its intended purpose as described
in this document, the Quick–Start Guide and User
• DO NOT use attachments not recommended by
MIRRA or HoMedics; specifically, any attachments
not provided with this unit.
• NEVER drop or insert any object into any opening.
• DO NOT place the fountain near heat sources, such
as a stove.
• Always keep the cord away from high temperature
and fire.
• To disconnect, turn all controls to the off position,
then remove the plug from the outlet.
• DO NOT use outdoors. For indoor use only.
• Never cover the unit while it is operating.
• Perform regular maintenance on the fountain.
• Never use detergent to clean the fountain.
• Never clean the fountain by scraping with a hard
• DO NOT attempt to adjust or repair the unit. Servicing
must be performed by professional, qualified
• Stop using this unit if there is an unusual noise or smell.
• Unplug this unit when not in use for a long period of
• DO NOT clean, adjust, or move the fountain, or
place hands into the water of the fountain without
first unplugging it from the electrical outlet.
• Keep this unit out of reach of children.
• Never let the pump run dry, as this will shorten the life
of the pump.
• Operate pump completely submerged for proper
• To ensure quiet operation of pump, you must rinse
off all surfaces of your fountain, including the rocks
(if provided with your model) before using the first
time. Any dirt or residue that remains on the fountain
surface may obstruct the water flow through your
pump, thereby causing unnecessary noise.
• DO NOT carry this appliance by the power cord or
use the cord as a handle.
• Operate with tap or distilled water.
• The pump must be completely submerged in water.
If the pump is making noises, most likely it is not
completely submerged in water.
• The electric cord of this product cannot be replaced.
If it sustains damages, you must stop using the
product immediately and contact MIRRA Consumer
Relations (see Warranty section for Consumer
Relations contact information).

Questions or concerns? We’re here to help. Contact a
Consumer Relations representative by phone or email
to help answer any questions. Please be sure to have
the model number of your product available.

For service in the USA
email: cservice@homedics.com
phone: 1-800-466-3342
8:30am–7:00pm EST Monday–Friday

For service in Canada
email: cservice@homedicsgroup.ca
phone: 1-888-225-7378
8:30am–5:00pm EST Monday–Friday


For detailed warranty instructions,
visit www.homedics.com.
To obtain warranty service on your Mirra product,
contact a Consumer Relations representative by the
telephone number or email address for your country
of residence. Please make sure to have the model
number of the product available.

For service in the USA
email: cservice@homedics.com
phone: 1-800-466-3342
8:30am–7:00pm EST Monday–Friday

For service in Canada
email: cservice@homedicsgroup.ca
phone: 1-888-225-7378
8:30am–5:00pm EST Monday–Friday

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Homedics WFL-530 Murra Tide Relaxation Fountain Instruction Manual and Warranty Information – Download [optimized]
Homedics WFL-530 Murra Tide Relaxation Fountain Instruction Manual and Warranty Information – Download

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