Apple EarPods with Lightning Connector Headphones



  • CONNECTOR: Lightning Connector,
  • SUPPORTED DEVICES: iPod touch, iPad, iPhone,

Apple EarPods have gained popularity since their launch as they come free with iPhone. Despite their performance, you will see dozens of people using these headphones on daily basis. Apple revamped the classical 3.5mm audio earphones into the lightning connector EarPods. These EarPods feature in-line microphones and have moderate sound quality.


The design of these EarPods is quite impressive and classic. They are lightweight and much easier to wear throughout the day and while sleeping as compared to other earphones. They have volume control and an in-line microphone. They come in all white color. Apart from this, the design has some drawbacks. The connector of the EarPods isn’t really strong and is prone to damage which means using them a lot can result in the damaged wire. The EarPods may stop working after this.


The quality of sound produced by the EarPods is good but not really impressive. They don’t have sub-bass and the mids. lack definition and is uncontrolled.


These headphones can connect only to Apple devices. These devices include the iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone. They require an iOS 10 or later for connectivity. They don’t work with iPod touch or any of the Apple devices that have iOS 9 or older.

What’s in the Box?

  • EarPods with Lightning Connector

Apple EarPods with Lightning Connector Controls

They have three controls; one is the center button and the rest are the volume + and – buttons.


How to Control Audio using the EarPods?

  • To Play a Track: Press the center button one time.
  • To Pause a Track: Press the center button one time.
  • To Skip Forward: Quick Press the center button twice.
  • To Skip Backward: Quick Press the center button three times.
  • To Fast-forward: Quick press the center button and hold.

How to Control the Calls using the EarPods?

  • To answer an incoming call: Press the center button once while the call is incoming.
  • To end the current call: Press the center button once while being on call.
  • To switch to an incoming call or an on-hold call and the put the current call on hold: Press the center button one time. Press the center button again to go back to the first call.

How to use Siri with EarPods?

To activate Siri using the EarPods, press and hold the center button. You will hear a beep indicating that Siri has been activated. Now let go of the center button and ask Siri a question or to perform a task.


  • Solid Sound Quality
  • Clear Audio
  • Classic Design


  • Fragile

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The Apple EarPods are classical and stylish-looking earphones. They are very comfortable to wear. If your main goal is to get earphones that are comfortable to wear, and feature a good quality mic, then these are perfect for you. But if you are looking for something with good sound quality then you should consider a different set of earphones, as the EarPods don’t produce high quality and are fragile. Also, if you want to save some money by eliminating the need to buy the USB audio adapter, you can buy the EarPods for your Apple Device.


  • Does this come with the lightning adapter?
    No, they don’t come with an additional lightning adapter as they already have one built-in.
  • Is the Microphone quality good?
    Yes, the microphone quality of the Apple EarPods is pretty good and they allow you to carry out clear calls.
  • Does it have a mic?
    Yes, they come with an in-line microphone.
  • Are they compatible with Android phones?
    Yes, they are compatible with Android phones but will require a converter and only the pause button (center button) will work. The volume buttons won’t work.
  • Do the EarPods work for iPhone 8?
    Yes, they work completely fine with iPhone 8
  • Can I use the EarPods with iPads?
    Yes, you can use the EarPods with iPads.
  • Are there comfortable to sleep with?
    Yes, their design is quite comfortable and stable to wear while sleeping and they don’t cause pressure on your ears.
  • Does the mic work for recording videos?
    Yes, the mic work for recording videos.

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