Dictate text on iPod touch

While dictating text, say the punctuation or formatting.

For example, “Dear Mary comma the check is in the mail exclamation mark” becomes “Dear Mary, the check is in the mail!” Punctuation and formatting commands include the following:

  • period
  • comma
  • exclamation point
  • question mark
  • dollar sign
  • open parenthesis … close parenthesis
  • quote … end quote
  • new paragraph
  • new line
  • colon
  • semicolon
  • cap—to capitalize the next word
  • caps on … caps off—to capitalize the first character of each word
  • all caps—to make the next word all uppercase
  • all caps on … all caps off—to make the enclosed words all uppercase
  • no caps on … no caps off—to make the enclosed words all lowercase
  • no space—to eliminate the space between two words (not available for all languages)
  • no space on … no space off—to run a series of words together (not available for all languages)
  • smiley—to insert 🙂
  • frowny—to insert 🙁
  • winky—to insert 😉
  • hash tag

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