Create and use scenes in Home on iPhon

In the Home app , you can create scenes that allow you to control multiple accessories at once. For example, you might define a “Reading” scene that adjusts the lights, plays soft music on HomePod, closes the drapes, and adjusts the thermostat.

Create a scene

  1. Tap the Home tab, tap the Add button, then tap Add Scene.
  2. Tap Custom, enter a name for the scene (such as “Dinner Party” or “Watching TV”), then tap Add Accessories.
  3. Select the accessories you want this scene to include, then tap Done.The first accessory you select determines the room the scene is assigned to. If you first select your bedroom lamp, for example, the scene is assigned to your bedroom.
  4. Set each accessory to the state you want it in when you run the scene.For example, for a Reading scene, you could set the bedroom lights to 100 percent, choose a low volume for the HomePod, and set the thermostat to 68 degrees.

Use scenes

Tap the Homes and Home Settings button, choose the room the scene is assigned to, then do one of the following:

  • Run a scene: Tap the scene.
  • Change a scene: Touch and hold a scene.You can change the scene’s name, test the scene, add or remove accessories, include the scene in Favorites, and delete the scene. If HomePod is part of the scene, you can choose the music it plays.Favorite scenes appear in the Home tab.

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