BISSELL™ air400 Air Purifier air quality indicator | Support

  • To receive accurate air quality readings, the particle sensor should be cleaned every 2 weeks
  • If the Air Quality Feedback Indicator no longer changes colors, stays at a 002 or 999 level, the particle sensor should be cleaned
    • To quickly clear the sensor – briefly blow on the particle sensor door (shown by the arrow in the 1st image below)
      • Using a can of compressed air is an effective options
  • To clean the particle sensor screen:
    • Open the particle sensor door located on the left side of machine by removing the one screw
    • Unplug machine
    • Remove the sensor screen and gently clean using a cotton swab
    • Put sensor screen back into place, close door & secure with screw
  • If Feedback Indicator is still red, unplug machine and wait 3 – 5 minutes before plugging back in

If you continue to have issues with the air quality indicator, please Contact Us

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