BISSELL™ air320 Air Purifier Air Quality Feedback | Support

The colored lights and digital display indicate the air quality:

                                                 Good Air Quality                                   Moderate Air Quality                            Poor Air Quality

The 3-digit number on the digital display represents the density of particles 2.5 microns or smaller per cubic meter of air that the onboard PM2.5 sensor measures. The colored light represents an indoor air quality indication of which can be blue/good, yellow/moderate, and red/poor. The number ranges as your air quality decreases are blue: 002 – 099, yellow 100 – 274, and red 275 – 999

The digital display alerts you when the filters need to be replaced:

  • F1 means the High Efficiency with Pre-Filter needs to be replaced
  • F2 means the Carbon Filter needs to be replaced
  • F1 & F2 both are flashing, both filters need to be replaced
    • After replacing filters, press and hold down the power button for 3 seconds to reset the filters
    • Once reset, the machine will beep – F1 & F2 will no longer display


To receive accurate air quality readings, the particle sensor should be cleaned every six months:

  • If the Air Quality Feedback Indicator no longer changes colors, stays at the same level (002 or 999) or at a high level > Both the Fabric Front Cover & the Particle Sensor should be cleaned
    • Unplug machine
    • Remove the Fabric Front Cover > Clean accumulated dust using a vacuum hose
  • Open the Particle Sensor door located on the left side of machine
  • Remove the Sensor Screen and gently clean using a cotton swab
  • Gently pull the connected Particle Sensor from the machine – enough to access the back
    • Clean the Particle Sensor (front and back) with a vacuum hose
    • Vacuum inside the carvity to remove debris prior to reinstalling Sensor
  • Reinsert the Particle Sensor > Put the Sensor Screen in place
  • Reattach Sensor Door
  • Allow machine to run for 10 minutes to reset the Sensor for an accurate reading

If you continue to have issues with the Air Quality Indicator, please Contact Us

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