Apple TV Remote


  • Brand 
  • Compatible Devices 
    Apple TV (2nd generation), Apple TV (3rd generation)
  • Connectivity Technology
    Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
  • Battery Description 
  • Maximum Range 
    10 Feet


The Apple Remote puts you in complete control of your Apple TV (2nd and 3rd generation). The Apple TV Remote allows you to control your Apple TV 4K and Apple TV HD with pinpoint accuracy. Its all-new touch-enabled click pad allows you to click titles, swipe through playlists, and utilize a circular gesture on the outer ring to pick exactly the scene you want. Use the Apple TV remote to rewind movies, stop TV shows, and even play games on your Apple TV. You can also use Siri to input words and conduct activities, like as playing a movie, depending on which version of the Apple TV remote you have.

What’s In the Box?

  • Apple Remote
  • Battery

How to Use the Apple TV  Remote

The revised Apple TV 4K remote functions similarly to the previous model, with the exception, that the touchpad has been removed and the ring button and touch-enabled click pad have been added. You may quickly go up, down, left, and right by touching the ring button in the cardinal directions. The touch-enabled click pad in the center is used for gesture-based navigation and controls, as well as clicking items.

Tips for Using the Apple TV Remote

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The Apple TV  remote control’s fundamental functioning is simple to pick up after you know what the buttons do and have used it for a time. Even so, there’s a lot of capability that’s not immediately obvious.

  • You may use the Siri Remote on your Apple TV 4K to find your other Apple devices. “Where’s my iPhone,” “Ping my iPad,” or “Find Jeremy’s AirPods” are all possibilities.
  • By moving your finger in the appropriate way, you may go forward, back, up, and down through menus using the touch-enabled click pad.
  • If you don’t like the touch controls, go to Settings > Remotes & Devices and change Clickpad to Click Only or change Touch Surface Tracking to a more comfortable setting.
  • The TV button generally sends you to the Apple TV app’s Up Next page, but you can also click it twice to return to the home screen. That’s not to your liking? Set it to take you immediately to Settings > Remotes and Devices by going to Settings > Remotes and Devices. instead of the home screen
  • To reach the Control Center, press and hold the TV button. From there, you may switch users, access Apple Music, alter audio settings, access HomeKit scenes, and cameras, and search.
  • Fast forward or rewind with ease: Pause the show you’re viewing, then place your thumb on the click pad’s an outside border and drag it clockwise or counterclockwise to fast forward or rewind.
  • The power button may also be used to turn on your television. Turn on Control TVs and Receivers under Settings > Remotes and Devices > Home Theater Control.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • This remote will spear my Apple TV 1 generation?
    It worked for my Apple Tv first generation.
  • Is the remote compatible with a Mac Mini (Late 2014)?
    Can this remote be used to control iTunes on a MacBook
  • Does it work with generation 4?
    It will if the Apple TV is on. If it’s not, you have to unplug it and then plug it back in to turn it on. Then the remote will work. I just experienced this.
  • Does this work with AppleTV generation 3? 
  • Does the apple tv need to be connected to wifi to be able to pair the new remote? 
    Apple TV needs to be connected to wi-fi.
  • How to change the battery in the remote control? 
    Turn the panel on the back one-quarter turn counter-clockwise. Remove the panel and replace the coin battery. Replace the panel and a one-quarter turn clockwise will lock the panel.
  • Will this connect to gen2, Apple TV? 
    It should, I would check on the apple store it should tell u there.
  • Does this work with iPad Pro and control volume? 
    Don’t know if it works with an iPad Pro but it does not control volume.
  • Does this item include a battery with it? 
    Yes, but it died quickly. So I bought a pack of batteries as well.
  • Does this have bluetooth? 
    This does not have Bluetooth as it is a remote made for the older model Apple TV boxes.
  • Will it work with the 4Th generation? 
    No. And the one I ordered did not work with the old Apple TV either as the center button was stuck in the down position out of the box. Could not get it to pop back up.
  • How do I get this to work with my new iMac? It will not pair. 
    This remote is intended for the Apple TV; not the iMac. Perhaps the Apple website can give you more insight into this.
  • Is it compatible with apple tv model a1469?
    Yes, Apple TV a1469 is a third-generation 2013, this remote works with this tv.
  • Does it have a warranty? 
    Yes, for only 30 days.
  • Is this remote compatible with model A1469? 
    Yes, it is. I have Model A1469 and it works perfectly.
  • Does it come with a Battery? 
    It comes with the battery in the original box. I have never had to change the battery yet.
  • Does it work with apple tv 3? the one that was a silver remote controller? 
    It doesn’t have the touchpad, voice control, accelerometer, etc like the updated remote. If it works at all with an Apple TV 3 it won’t work well. This is really for those earlier AppleTVs.
  • Does this remote work with the 2nd generation TV Apple 
    Probably. It works with my 4th like a dream.
  • Does this work with Apple TV 4th generation games that normally require swiping? 
    Yes, I use it with Apple TV 4K.

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