Air Genius and Quiet Clean®

Air Genius and Quiet Clean®

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  • Question: Can I Clean My Permanent Air Filter?Answer: Only Honeywell Air Genius and Quiet Clean Air Purifier models have permanent filters that are washable. Refer to your Owner’s Manual for detailed instructions on washing the permanent filter.
  • Question: How Do I Clean The Fan?Answer: The fan on the air purifier should not be cleaned. Note that the product warranty is void if the unit is taken apart.
  • Question: How Do I Setup/Install My Air Purifier?Answer: For product setup instructions, refer to the owner’s manual that comes with the air purifier. 
  • Question: Where Can I Find Product Dimensions?Answer: Product dimensions are available in the “View All Specifications” section on the bottom of each product page.
  • Question: Why Does My Air Quality Sensor/Indicator Change Color?Answer:Air purifiers that feature air quality sensors/indicators, are continuously monitoring the air. The color of the indicator changes to indicate the air quality in the room:Red = generally indicates poor air quality levels
    Amber = indicates moderate air quality levels
    Green/Blue = generally considered good air quality levels
    Refer to your owner’s manual for detailed information about the air sensor for your specific model.
  • Question: Why Did My Fan Speed Change Suddenly?Answer: If the cleaning level automatically changes on your unit without you manually changing any settings, your unit may be set to Auto-mode. When the unit is in Auto mode, it will adjust to the ideal cleaning level based on the indoor air quality detected.
  • Question: Where Should I Place My Air Purifier?Answer: Your Air Purifier should be placed on a firm, level, and flat location.  Ensure the front of the unit faces away from the closes wall or furniture and no grilles are blocked.
  • Question: What Is The Difference Between Fan Speed Vs The Settings?Answer:Fan speed is typically related to the different modes or settings that enable you to control the air purifier. Cleaning levels are part of the settings.The cleaning levels are optimized to capture specific airborne particle sizes. For example, some particles are smaller and are more effectively captured in the filter at lower fan speeds. Sleep settings also run the fan at lower speeds to keep noise levels to a minimum. Allergens are larger airborne particles and fan speeds are higher on this setting to capture allergens in the air more quickly on this setting.
  • Question: How do I reset my filter light?Answer:After you change your filter, the “Check Filter or “Check Pre-Filter” light will remain on until it is reset.  With the unit powered on, press the lighted button, and hold for approximately 2 seconds until the light turns off.  The electronic filter check is now reset.

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